Seamoon Protocol (SMP) is a unique ecosystem concept that aims to create sustainable economic development and a new era of entertainment services using web3 technology. DM2C Studio is a wholly owned subsidiary of DMM.com, Japan's largest general entertainment company, and aims to establish and expand a global ecosystem by leveraging DMM Group’s various business assets such as membership bases and platform operation expertise.

This white paper explains the reasons and background behind the DMM Group and DM2C Studio's venture into web3, SMP's design concept and architecture, and the issuance scheme of its unique token DM2P.

The overview and conceptual diagram of the white paper is as follows.


💡page1. Introduction📪page2. Vision, Mission, and Values🛠️page3. What is Seamoon Protocol?🎨page4. Issuance Scheme of DM2P🏗️page5. Architecture🏛️page6. Legal👥page7. Teams & Partnerships📓pageDisclaimer

Conceptual Diagram